ELPS Logo Usage Page

This page is intended to be used by the faculty of East Lansing Public Schools

How to use our new ELPS logo

Logos are about establishing a consistent look - we need to show that we play for the same team. The logo redesign committee selected the logo to reflect the district's strategic mission of nurturing children, educating students and building global citizens.

The following rules are a brief overview:

The basics:

  • Use the logo from the electronic file versions. Approved vertical, horizontal and centered versions of the logo are available in electronic format on the ELPS website under the Staff Links (choose "More" then "ELPS logo usage page"). Please do not create one yourself or manipulate the image in any way. When changing the size of the logo in your document, resize the image by adjusting only from the corner of the image so it will not distort the logo. 
  • Official colors of the logo are PMS 293 (the blue areas), PMS 11 (the grey areas) or black.
  • Please work with Laura if you are having anything printed.  She will make sure the colors are PMS 293 (the blue areas), PMS 11 (the grey areas) or black.
  • Keep a rectangular clear space around the logo (eg: no putting it in circles or crowding it).
  • Do not use clipart near the logo image.

Stationary and memos:

  • Stationary and envelopes can be ordered through Gail or Sally.
  • For those who choose to print memos and letters directly from your computer, please use the templates on the district website so we all use the same format. The logo and address (Arial 8 pt) is at the top, mission statement (Arial 8 point, small caps) on the bottom.
  • When signing letters, put your name, title and department, phone and email after your signature.

School mascots:

  • Keep your mascot but use it in addition to the ELPS logo so we keep both our school personality and our district identity strong. If you are using pre-printed stationary, it can go in the margin. If you are using the online template, it can go in the upper right corner.

Web pages:

  • The  Department of Technology and Media Services is responsible for maintaining a consistent look for each school's site.


Please click on a logo below to view the full size image. To save the image, right-click on the image and select Save Picture As.








Letterheads and Memos

Click on the photo to download templates


Letterhead Template


Memo Template