Breakfast Information

Wake Up To A Great Breakfast!  

Breakfast Times:
High School - 7:15-7:45 am
Middle School - 7:30-7:58 am
Elementary School - 8:25-8:45 pm
Location: All Breakfasts will be served in each building’s cafeteria. In addition, the high school has a breakfast vending machine near the snack vending machine.
MS/HS cafeteria Menus are located at:

Breakfast includes a choice of entree with 2 grains and/or protein, a fruit and choice of milk

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Nutrislice Menus

Menu features include:


  • More information about menu items, including a photo and description
  • Filter for common food allergens like nuts, wheat and dairy
  • A translation feature to translate your menus into a number of different languages
  • Access to nutrition information like carb counts and calories with just a few clicks!


Ala Carte 

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East Lansing Public Schools Food Service FAQ   2023-24

We can’t wait to welcome students back to the cafeteria to kick off the new year! For the upcoming 2023-24 school year, East Lansing Public Schools is joining the Michigan School Meals Program. This means students will have the opportunity to enjoy free breakfast and lunch throughout this school year. It is important to note that families should still complete a meal application, which helps ensure ongoing state and federal supplemental programs. In addition, your family might receive benefits outside of school such as reduced fees for activities, discounted internet services and more.

How do I apply for the meal benefit application?

You can apply online at  Your application will be processed once it reaches the food service office. You will receive an e-mail when completed. If you do not have access to the internet, you can request a hard copy to be sent home with your student or pick up at your school’s main office. Please contact if you have any questions.

Where are the Menus? 

Menus are located at Also, menus are posted in the cafeterias.      

Is Breakfast available and at what time?

Breakfast is served 20-45 minutes prior to school starting on all half and full days except for late start dates.

The location is in the cafeteria at each building. In addition, a breakfast vending machine is available by the snack vending machine in the high school. Breakfast is free for all students.

How can I pay for my student’s account?

Payments can be made at any time online at There is a $2.25 transaction fee for this service.

Cash or checks can be dropped . Deposits are put into the student’s account daily approximately 9:15 am. Payments dropped off after 9:15 am will be deposited the follow day. In addition, you can mail checks to East Lansing High School, Attn. Food Service Dept., 509 Burcham Dr., East Lansing, MI 48823

How do I know the balance of my student’s account?

If your email is up to date in the school system, you should receive emails every day once your student’s account is negative. Also, parents and guardians can always view as a free service their student’s meal account at On this website you can set up an account using the online tutorial. In addition, you can set spending limits, check meal balances and deposit money.

What is the School District’s Meal procedures?


Students will be offered a variety of choices for breakfast and lunch. Students will be allowed to receive one free breakfast and one free lunch per day. Students may come to breakfast in the cafeteria during the posted breakfast times. Lunches are ordered in the classroom every morning. Students will have an ID card located in the cafeteria to use for breakfast and lunch each day.



Students will be allowed to receive one free breakfast and one free lunch per day from a variety of meal stations. If you would like your student to receive extra entrees and ala carte they will need money on their meal accounts. Money can be deposited into student’s accounts during meal times or by setting up an account at Also, parents can send a check or money order to East Lansing High School, 509 Burcham Dr., Attn. Food Service Dept., East Lansing, MI, 48823. All parents who have supplied an e-mail will receive a low balance notice daily. Your student will never be denied one complete breakfast and one complete lunch but we will not allow negative balances for extras items. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Sandy Leach at or 517-333-7473 or at 517-333-7474.

What does a Lunch include?

Lunch includes a main entrée, a fruit, a vegetable, a wholegrain source and a milk. Students will need to take at least 3 from the 5 food groups offered and 1 of those options will need to be a fruit and/or vegetable. If your student would like to purchase only a milk, a second entrée, or any extra items in addition to their meal, they will be charged full price as posted in the cafeteria.

If my student has a food allergy, can you accommodate for their needs?

Before we can make any substitutions or accommodations to meals, we will need to have a copy of the Michigan Department of Education Special Dietary Needs Form completed by your doctor. If your student has a food allergy, please fill out the form at:

Return this form to: or mail to:East Lansing High School, Attn: Food Service Department, 509 Burcham Dr., East Lansing, MI 48823. Dietary accommodations will be made once the form has been reviewed and a dietary plan has been put in place with the food service department.

If I am having problems with my student’s account or have other questions, who should I talk to?             

You can reach our office by phone or email. Sandy Leach, Food Service Director, can be reached at  (517) 333-7473 or If she is not available her assistant, Victoria Finklea can be reached at (517) 333-7474 or

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