Welcome to East Lansing Public Schools

Our community has a 100 year history of enthusiastic support for our schools. Not only do we enjoy close relationships with the City of East Lansing and Michigan State University, but we also benefit from many parent and community volunteers. The rich diversity of people, including those from over 60 countries, gives our students rare opportunities to learn about, understand, and respect differences among people.

Mission Statement

Nurturing each child
Educating all students
Building world citizens

Vision Statement

East Lansing Public Schools strives to provide every student with exemplary instruction in equitable learning environments designed to educate the whole child. In partnership with the community, ELPS endeavors to affirm cultural differences and nurture intellectual curiosity, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and effective communication so every student graduates to become a productive member of society.

ELPS Review of 2021-22

Nurturing Each Child

  • Increased School Social Work and Counseling support
  • Added District Wellness Leader and School Nurse
  • Implemented health and safety protocols

Educating All Students

  • Emphasized re-teaching routines and structures
  • Focused on re-establishing relationships
  • Expanded Summer School offerings - 1397 students

Building World Citizens

  • Added Director of Equity and Social Justice
  • Created building Social Justice Teams
  • Audited Images, Celebrations, and Events using the EJATT
  • Introduced The Core Course - Justice Leaders Collaborative (JLC)

A Challenging Year

During an unprecedented school year, students and school staff experienced and overcame many new obstacles. School staff rose to the occasion and supported students, families and one another to a whole
new level.

Many ELPS staff members participated in committees and planning sessions to increase supports and improve the school experience for our students. The groundwork has been laid, and we are excited to move this work forward next school year.

ELPS Peview of 2022-23

Brighter Days

As we look forward to the fall, we have identified many exciting new initiatives and training opportunities for the 2022-23 school year. Many of your colleagues have worked this year to develop new frameworks and plans for rolling out these new plans.

Nurturing Each Child

  • Implement updated Second Step and TRAILS programs
  • Launch an expanded PBIS system
  • Initiate Communities in Schools partnership
  • Establish School Safety Committee
  • Begin Year 1 with Canines for Change Facility Dogs

Educating All Students

  • Revitalize and launch a new MTSS framework
  • Increase academic intervention positions
  • Adopt new K-5 Reading, MS Science & MS Social Studies Curricula

Building World Citizens

  • Implement Diverse Books initiative
  • Continue to offer The Core Course & EJATT training from JLC
  • Partner with Resolution Services for continued RJ support
  • Host MSAN Student Conference (in Fall 2023)

PDF Document2021-22 Review and 2022-23 Preview