Surplus Goods

As the District replaces and updates the infrastructure and technology hardware used in the classrooms and buildings, it is inevitable that surplus hardware will be accumulated. Older computers that no longer meet the educational needs,  older monitors, keyboards and mice, cables, etc., are gathered and will be sold or disposed of.

The District has initiated an account with Public Surplus (http://www.publicsurplus.com/) to auction off this surplus equipment.

Public Surplus was designed specifically for public agencies, assures compliance with state and local regulations and policies, simplifies internal reallocation, and broadens our customer base for unused and surplus equipment. 

We feel the ease of use, audit trails, internal reallocation features, and overall increase in net revenue, make Public Surplus the best available surplus management tool.

If it is feasible for the District to offer to the local public any surplus hardware prior to and during online listings with Public Surplus, then we will list the hardware inventory on this site along with cost and details for pick up.

Contact Christian Palasty, Director of Technology, at 333-7418 for more information.

Marble Elementary (at old Donley)


ELPS will be selling all of the tables, chairs, book cases, and other furniture in the old Donley building this summer.  We will be posting photos of all of the furniture and we will be accepting reservations of classroom sets from other districts. The public sale will be tentatively scheduled for June 5/6th.