The Young Fives Program

  • The goal of the Young Fives program is to offer
    students the “gift of time” to help prepare
    for a successful Kindergarten and school experience.
  • Places greater emphasis on play and exploration.
  • Offers smaller class sizes.
  • It is designed for, but not restricted to,children
    who turn five between September 1st and
    December 1st.  Students are selected on parent
    request and district screening process.
  • The emphasis is placed on introduction and
    exploration, rather than mastery of kindergarten skills.
  • The Young Fives Program is held at Red Cedar Elementary.

Kindergarten or Young Fives? Similarities

Both full-day programs include:

  • Opportunities for students to build social-emotional, academic and creative learning.
  • Music, Art, Physical Education and Library.
  • Lunch, recess, and all school assemblies.
  • School wide support services and resources.