Testing Out Information

Application to testing out.  Deadline Friday 05/21/21.

Testing out dates are normally scheduled for the first couple of weeks in August prior to the start of the school year. Students may take up to two tests per date. The PE test-out requires two sessions.  Testing out sign up, will be shared with parents/students through Google Classroom, email blasts and posting on the Student Service Website.

Student study materials are determined by the subject department chair are available to be checked out to all students.  If a textbook is checked out to a student, a $70.00 deposit check must be rendered at the time of check out.  Study materials will be available to pick up from the school by parents during the last week of the current school year.

For courses which offer a Pre-AP option, please indicate if you wish to be placed in the regular or Pre-AP course.

Course Description Booklet link: https://elps.us/downloads/elhs_-_student_services/course_description_booklet_2021-22_updated_042621.pdf

Test Out Procedure:                                                        

Students who demonstrate competency level equivalent to or exceeding the standard of the required courses for graduation may request to proceed to the next course: The student and/or student’s parent/guardian must submit the request form to test out via Google Form.  This form is normally posted in May of the current school year.                                                           

1. Student materials will be checked out to all students.  A deposit check will be rendered at the time of check out.                                                                 

2. A student must earn a 78% or above to pass a test out exam. A "pass" will be recorded on the transcript with no impact on the student's grade point average. A test out credit can be used to fulfill a requirement within a subject area or to advance into the next course in a sequence. A test out credit cannot be used to fulfill one of the twenty-two credits required to graduate from East Lansing High School.  Example: A student who successfully tests out of English I satisfies one year of required English and can move into English II, but this English I credit cannot be counted toward to the twenty-two credits required for graduation from ELHS.                                                   

3. To maintain the security of these tests, the curricular chair will review the test results with the student if requested, but the test will not be returned to the student.                                                                                 

4. A test out may only be attempted once per class.                                                                                

5. A test out exam must be taken during the published test out dates.