ACT / SAT Information

It is recommended that students take ACT and/or SAT I towards the end of their junior year. Some students will take SAT II in late junior or early senior year if they are choosing to apply at the more prestigious national schools (Ivy League, Stanford, Duke, M.I.T., etc.). 9th grade students take EXPLORE and 10th grade students take PLAN in an effort to help familiarize students with ACT testing. Students may choose to take the PSAT in October of their junior year in an effort to prepare for the SAT I exam. 

Michigan State University Testing Office has an excellent section on Test Preparation which outlines strategies, tips, library, web resources, and links to the official web pages for all national tests free of charge.

If you're taking the ACT, this ACT registration info will come in pretty handy! Check the ACT registration dates below to make sure you plan your time appropriately before you register.

The 2014 ACT Test without Writing registration fee is $38, which includes sending your scores to four colleges of your choice. If you want to take the optional ACT Writing test with the ACT, your test fee goes up to $54.50, and there are more fees if you're late, want to take the test standby or need to change testing centers.

The price is worth it, though, considering the money you could make with an excellent ACT score.

2014 - 2015 ACT Test Dates

Test Date Registration Ends Late Registration Time Frame ACT Score Release Dates
Sept. 13, 2014 Aug. 8 Aug. 9 - 22
Oct. 25, 2014 Sept. 19 Sept. 20 - Oct. 3
Dec. 13, 2014 Nov. 7 Nov. 8 - 21
Feb. 7, 2015 Jan. 9 Jan. 10 - 16
April 18, 2015 March 13 March 14 - 27
June 13, 2015 May 8 May 9 - 22

2014-15 SAT Dates and Fees

SAT Reasoning Test...........$52.50 SAT Subject Tests..............$15.00

Late Registration Fee..........Basic fee + $28.00

For information on the SAT Fee Waiver.

Test Day tips and guidlines

Test Date Regular Deadline Late Registration Deadline
October 11        September 12 September 30
November 9 October 9 October 28
December 6 November 6 November 24
January 24 December 29 January 13
March 14 February 13 March 3
May 2 April 6 April 21
June 6 May 8 May 27