We have Advanced Placement classroom experiences in:

Mathematics: Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Statistics, Computer Science
Science: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Environmental Science
Social Studies: European History, World History, Psychology, U.S. History, Economics,  and Government & Politics
English: Literature, Language
Foreign Language: French or Spanish
Art: Art Portfolio

We also offer advanced placement classes through the Michigan Virtual University:

Please visit the Michigan Virtual University web page at www.mivu.org.


Wilson Talent Center

The Wilson Talent Center offers 30 career and technical education programs. It is part of the Ingham Intermediate School District and is located in Mason, MI. Visit the website or call 517-244-1302 for specific program information. 

Programs offered by the Wilson Talent Center are competitive and require an application process for acceptance. The process for applying is outlined below.

Mr. Josh Barrons is the contact counselor for WTC. Interested students may meet with him for more information. 

  • The WTC presentation takes place at East Lansing High School in the fall of the student's sophomore year.
  • After the presentation, interested students sign up to make a program visit in November. Students wishing to apply to the WTC are required to make this visit.
  • Applications are accepted after the program visit through January. An application is required to be considered for a  program.
  • Students accepted in to a program will be notified in the spring. If a student is accepted, his/her counselor will make the necessary adjustment to their schedule.
  • Students attend the Wilson Talent Center during their junior and possibly senior year.*

*Returning to a program during the senior year is based on performance during the junior year and availability.

The Early College at Lansing Community College

The Early College at LCC offers up to an associate degree, tuition free, for students in participating high schools in the Ingham ISD service area who will be starting their junior year of high school. Enrolled students will attend class all day on LCC's main campus for grades 11-13 and will no longer attend high school.

Students are expected to complete the program in three years. After three years, they will have earned their high school diploma, up to sixty college credits, an associate degree, or a technical certification, tuition free. These credits are transferable to most Michigan and national colleges and universities.

The Early College at LCC will place an emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) which could lead to many career paths. Careers in these areas have grown the most consistently over the last generation, and that is expected to continue. This is a rigorous program for motivated students.

For more about The Early College visit:

East Lansing High School School Profile


Post-Secondary Enrollment

NOTE:  Counselors are happy to help student’s select appropriate courses. We do require that students come to those appointments prepared with some idea of the areas that they are hoping to dual enroll.  Students can accomplish this by becoming familiar with the schedule of courses featured on LCC/MSU websites, and having looked at what courses LCC/MSU offers.

Lansing Community College

LCC Dual Enrollment Link **IMPORTANT – MUST READ**

Qualifying students must complete and submit a Lansing Community College admission application.

High school and home schooled students are required to complete and submit the PDF File High School Dual Enrollment Approval Form. A completed approval form must be submitted for each semester of enrollment prior to registering for classes. Approval for multiple semesters up to an entire academic year (fall, spring, and summer) may be provided on one form by indicating all three semesters on the form.

Submit the Approval Form to the LCC Registrar's Office prior to registering for class(es). The form may be submitted by email, U.S. mail or in person at the StarZone in the Gannon Building (addresses are provided on the form). Allow a minimum of 3 business days for processing. Incomplete or incorrectly completed forms may take longer.

Complete the Release of Information form, which is located at the Registrar’s Forms page and select the Release of Information form. This form is completed entirely online. To ensure a higher level of security for our student’s, the Release of Information form is requiring students to provide their designees’:

Full Name (first, middle initial, and last)
Relationship to the Student
Date of Birth

A student selected 5 number/letter Pin – should be the same for each designee

This information will be required and verified (including the Pin) when their designee calls on the student’s behalf.

Establish Reading, Writing and Math levels. Visit testing services for more information about options for establishing placement levels.

Register online for classes. Contact the LCC Registrar's Office or StarZone for assistance with registration.

If the student's high school is to be billed for the courses taken, a PDF File Dual Enrollee Billing Authorization or PDF File Non-Public Dual Enrollee Billing Information Form must be on file prior to the student's payment due date. Billing forms must be submitted every semester of dual enrollment. If the high school is only paying a portion of the total bill, the student must pay the remaining balance before registering for classes for a subsequent semester or by the end of the semester for which they are being billed. Note: Home school students are eligible for funding only if they are enrolled in a minimum of one class at a public high school or state approved non-public high school.

Michigan State University

MSU Dual Enrollment Guidebook

Qualifying students must complete and submit an East Lansing Public School Dual Enrollment/Postsecondary Application listing the classes that they would like to take. Please see the link below (Dual Enrollment - MSU Fall 2021). 

Students can locate the classes that are available for Dual Enrollment Students at: https://schedule.msu.edu/

Once their ELPS application is approved by their counselor, the student will register online with MSU using the following link: https://apply.dualenrollment.msu.edu/Account/RegisterDual

Dual Enrollment - LCC Spring 2022

Dual Enrollment - MSU 



Online Learning

Program Prerequisite: Application deadline date: June 1 for 1st and 2nd semester. Any changes to 2nd semester must be made prior to the start of 2nd semester. 
Students have the option of enrolling in online courses. Online courses offer a variety of subjects to high school students taught by certified Michigan teachers.  Students must be self-motivated and able to participate online. Assignments, quizzes, tests, and projects vary from class to class.  On-site enrollment will be provided by the virtual high school site coordinator.  Course information for all virtual courses is available at: https://micourses.org/. Please choose the Statewide Catalog for courses students may take. A course percentage will be given by the VHS instructor and converted to a letter grade by the mentor.  Once approved, all enrollment is handled through the Student Services office. 

ELHS pays online course fees only for 1st and 2nd semester, and only if it is part of a student’s six hours.  These classes cannot be used for credit recovery.  Students wishing to take virtual classes over the summer or outside of the school day, do so at the expense of their families. 

Check-in with the Mentor teacher will be required during the fall and spring pupil count day periods. The mentor will inform students about this process. 

MVHS courses may start and end at a different time than ELHS courses. Please make sure to be aware of start and end dates. 
NOTE: The student/family is responsible to provide full payment to ELPS for associated fees of a course that is dropped after the reimbursement date. Classes will not be added or dropped after the first week unless there is an inappropriate placement of a student in a class or an extenuating circumstance. 

MVHS Online Application 2021-22 


Additional Program Options

GATE Programs – CHAMP and ISHALL

ISHALL is designed for students in 7th, 8th, and 9th grades who have achieved 520 – Critical Reading on the SAT, or 21 – English, no lower than 22 – Critical Reading on the ACT AND who, in addition, score well on qualifying diagnostic essay that gauges their readiness to undertake the challenging work of the course.  Two years of ISHALL coursework is equivalent to 4 credits of ELHS English credit and fulfills the MMC graduation requirements.

CHAMP is designed for students in 7th – 10th grades who: Score well on placement test taken online. Student will be eligible to take Placement test after the GATE Office has reviewed application and the student is assigned a MSU identification AND SAT minimum scores: Math 530 and Total (Math plus Critical Reading) 1010 OR ACT minimum scores: Math 21 and Composite 23.

Year 1 CHAMP coursework transfers 2 credits for ELHS Algebra I & Algebra II.  Year 2 of CHAMP coursework transfers 2 credits for ELHS Geometry & Pre-calculus.  A senior math course is still required to fulfill the MMC graduation requirements.

ALL in partnership with the Office of University Outreach and Engagement at Michigan State University, provides classroom instruction for students in grades 7-9 who have advanced skills in language arts. ALL is designed so that the participating students can complete in two years the Latin language content assigned in Michigan High School Content Expectations (HSCE) for all four years of high school as well as meet the Common Core National Standards.Every semester of the GATE Latin program corresponds to one year of high school Latin. Below are the equivalents:

*The process for enrolling in CHAMP, ALL and ISHALL begins in middle school.

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If you need help deciding your post-secondary plans, Career Cruising can help!

Career Cruising

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