Board Committees

The East Lansing Board of Education has established the following committees of the Board to allow for a deliberate and careful review of various items and issues brought to the Board for consideration and possible action.

These committees will always consist of fewer members than a quorum of the Board and have no decision-making authority.  The only authority  of these committees is to make recommendations to the full Board for its consideration if an action is to be taken as a result of the committee's deliberations.

All meetings of Board Committees are open to the public and are posted on the individual committee site.  This site can be accessed by clicking on the name of the committee in the list of Board committees found in the column to the right.

Your Board of Education is committed to an open process which is transparent to the school community.

Thank you for your interest in our schools!



Board of Education

As of December 2017

Academic & Technology

Erin Graham - Chair
Hillary Henderson
Terah Chambers


Kate Powers - Chair
Erin Graham
Nell Kuhnmuench


Nell Kuhnmuench - Chair
Erin Graham
Kate Powers

Intergovernmental Relations

Hillary Henderson - liaison


Nell Kuhnmuench - Chair
Karen Hoene
Kate Powers


Karen Hoene - Chair
Terah Chambers
Nichole Martin

Mental Health Advisory Committee

Nichole Martin - liaison

Liason Assignments

District Parent Council - rotating schedule
ELEF - rotating schedule
ISOA - Nell Kuhnmuench