Marble School Community Council

The Marble Parent Council has updated their name to Marble School Community Council to better reflect Marble’s population and to include all caregivers involved in nurturing our community

The MSCC works with Marble School teachers, support staff, parents & caregivers to create a supportive and nurturing school environment. Marble School Community Council’s role is also to assist in fundraising for Marble School, providing funds for teachers’ classroom needs, field trip subsidy and supporting the Marble School community at home.

Your 2020/2021 Marble School Community Council is:

President - Tali Faris-Hylen  -
Vice President - Katy Larson -
Secretary - Joshua Barber -
Treasurer- Tanya Paslawski -
Communications - Ann Siegle -
DPC Representative - Monica Fink - - 405.412.3594
Principal - Josh Robertson -

*Please note all community members with a student at Marble are a part of MSCC and can vote on every issue raised at our meetings.

Marble School Community Council’s 2020/2021 focus will be on online fundraising to support our teachers and families with needed supplies and assistance to succeed in the current digital learning environment. These will include assistance with at-home book distribution through our Scholastic Book Fair dollars, assisting with a virtual Scholastic Book Fair, initiating a Coat Drive for winter coats & gear, providing additional personal needs items and snack foods to Marble’s population that needs them, managing Equity programs and needs through the Marble Equity Team and being a resource for our Marble families online on our Facebook page.

The MSCC meets monthly on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7pm, currently on Zoom The meeting notes for 2020/2021 will be posted on the ELPS website on the MSCC page.

Anyone may request a Zoom link to the meeting by messaging the MSCC Facebook page here, or messaging the Communications Chair or the President of MSCC prior to the meeting. Links are also sent out in School Messenger emails to all Marble families every other week.

A link to MSCC calendar activities is available here:  (you may subscribe to this)

Be on the lookout every two weeks for communication from the Marble School Community Council for at-home activities, fundraising and events supporting our teachers and our Marble Community. Like and turn notifications on for our Facebook page.

And finally, never hesitate to reach out to any of the above MSCC members with questions, ideas, concerns, or needs you might have! We are here to support and strengthen this community together.

Monthly Minutes:

PDF DocumentSeptember 15, 2020