MSU Mathematics Department and Macdonald Middle School present…

Gather with friends to grow in mathematical problem solving and have fun together. The club will also prepare and send 4 students to the regional MathCounts competition in February.
Last year’s team took second place!

Where? MMS Room 134 (project space near the sixth grade wing).

When? Mondays, from 3:00 to 4:00. You can take the late bus home when it is running.

Who? All interested MMS students—whether you love math yet or not, and whether you might want to compete or not! The group is led by Luke Tunstall, MSU Ph.D. student in Mathematics education and assisted by mathematics Ph.D. Daniela Anjos and MathCounts alumni from ELHS.

What? This year there will be one group (not two as in previous years) and that group will focus on problem solving preparation

Contact: Ashley Ahlin, Outreach Coordinator for the MSU Mathematics Department, at