Daily Morning Celebration

With all 250+ students gathered around the perimeter of the gym, we begin by offering American students the opportunity to say the Pledge of Allegiance. We then highlight one of the flags from another country, representing some of our children at Glencairn School (a different flag is featured each week).  We all listen to that country's anthem before greeting each other by saying "Hello" in that language.  Daily announcements, the recognition of birthdays, and the singing of a beautiful "Peace Pledge" all take place prior to the close of our celebration.

Parents wishing to join us for this unique morning experience are welcome to do so!  Once the children have entered the building and gone to their classrooms, parents may go directly to the gym.

Monthly List of Countries 2017-18


5-8 USA
11-15 Peru
18-22 Saudi Arabia
25-29 South Africa


2-6 Zimbabwe
9-13 Canada
16-19 Croatia
23-27 Uganda
30-31 Japan


1-3 Japan
6-10 England
13-17 Germany
22-24 Thanksgiving
27-30 Romania


1 Romania
4-8 Finland
11-15 Guatemala
18-22 Libya
25-29 Winter Break


1-5 Winter Break
8-12 Italy
16-19 Palestine
22-26 India
29-31 Vietnam


1-2 Vietnam
5-9 China
12-16 Ethiopia
20-23 Netherlands
26-28 Pakistan


1-2 Pakistan
5-9 Lithuania
12-16 Malaysia
19-22 Namibia
26-29 South Korea


2-6 Spring Break
9-13 Nepal
16-20 Iraq
23-27 Sierra Leone
30 Mexico


1-4 Mexico
7-11 Indonesia
14-18 Spain
21-25 Sri Lanka
29-31 Sweden


1 Sweden
4-8 Russia
11-15 USA


Summer Break


Summer Break