ELHS NHS Service Hour Information:

What are summer hours?

Summer hours are hours that you have completed from May till the end of August. You are only allowed to submit 8 summer hours. If you were a member in bad standing many make up the hours that they fell short of x2 during this time and submit them. For example, if you missed 5 hours during the year, you have to make up 10 hours. Please indicate if you are making up hours! Also summer hours are not counted in your total hours if you do not tell the historian where to move them.

What are personal Commitment hours?

Personal Commitment hours are hours from a place that you consistently go to over the year or go to at least 3 times. Common places students go are the library, Sparrow or Patient Care, animal shelters, MSU concessions, and answering phones for WKAR.

What are non-NHS single events?

Single events are any events that are posted (and/or emailed) or you find on your own and have volunteered at one or two times. These events include ushering at our school plays, ushering at the Wharton Center, helping out at school carnivals, timing for a sport, etc. Single events does not include major events which are the blood drives, turkey drive and parent-teacher conferences. 

What does not count as NHS hours?

Hours that don't count include playing in the pit for the musical, anything that you do for a club that you are a part of, LINKS, anything that you get paid, etc. 

If you have any questions regarding hours please contact the historian.