Alliance - Group Photo

Alliance Mission Statement:

To better the learning environment of all East Lansing High School students by eliminating stereotypes and prejudice against those who are of different sexual orientations through non-threatening education.

Purpose & Values of East Lansing Alliance:

To provide a safe, non-biased environment for all high school aged students.  Alliance will function as a fun social environment that brings GLBTQ and straight people together through various events, activites, and meetings.  Alliance will also be a forum which provokes thought through education and awareness.  Alliance recognizes that real understanding comes from the channeling of discussion and welcomes free dialogue amongst all students.  All students are invited to join Alliance.  Alliance shall not deny any student because of gender, race, religion, creed, national origin, disability, or sexual orientation.  Each individual will be treated with respect and dignity.  Alliance students will maintain a high level of integrity in all we do.  Teamwork and cooperation is the key to creating a successful future for Alliance.  Alliance will strive, to the best of its abilities, to provide support by maintaining an open door policy for talk and providing outside resources.  Alliance realizes that person-to-person interaction is essential in the establishment of an open, accepting, and inclusive environment at East Lansing High School.

Love and Let Love.

Advisor: Cody Harrell

Meets Fridays after school until 5:00