East Lansing Public Schools Achievement Gap Task Force Membership 2010-2011


John Brandenburg, ELHS Math Teacher

Tama Hamilton-Wray, Parent

Melinda Hernandez, Parent

Ex-Officio Members
Dorinda Carter Andrews, Asst. Professor, Dept. of Teacher Education, MSU
David Chapin, ELPS Superintendent
Cliff Seybert, ELPS Director of Educational Services

Additional Members
Marcia Black-Watson
Theresa Brown
Yvonne Lewis
Kimberly Steed-Page
Faymous Tyra
Craig Wiles
Lisa Cromwell Munroe
Barbara Curtis
Merem Frierson, MacDonald Middle School Principal
Beth Herbel-Eisenmann
Donna Kaplowitz, School Board Member
Babette Kraus, School Board President
Laura LeDuc
Marsu McAdoo
Sheila Nash
Jim Oehmke
Renee Sarafin
Brian Sydnor
Lola Treadwell
Mary Lou Turnbull, Teacher
Elizabeth Vanis
Joel Watson
Bill Weckesser
Andy Wells, Glencairn and Whitehills Principal


Subcommittees of the ELPS Achievement Gap Task Force

One outcome from each of these committees will be to provide action items for the AGTF Action Plan to close the achievement gap in ELPS. This Action Plan will be submitted to the district school board and Superintendent.

Item Committee Description

Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment (CIA)
This committee will examine areas in district curriculum, instruction, and assessment that contribute to the achievement gap and identify resources in these areas that support closing the gap.



Personnel & Professional Learning (PPL)
This committee will explore professional development opportunities for administrators, teachers, and other district personnel that support closing the achievement gap.  In addition, this committee examines personnel decisions related to closing the achievement gap (e.g., faculty hiring).



Effective Leadership and Asset Allocation (ELAA)
This committee will examine district policy, effective leadership, and efficient resource management that support closing the achievement gap.



School/Community Relations (SCR)
This committee will explore relationship-building and partnership opportunities between community stakeholders and ELPS schools in efforts to close the achievement gap.  This includes collaboration at the classroom, school building, and district levels for enhancing student quality of learning experiences.



Research and Data Analysis (RDA)
This committee will engage in ongoing data collection and analysis in the district to inform efforts to close the achievement gap. These efforts will include increasing stakeholders’ awareness and understanding of factors affecting the achievement gap and initiatives nationwide used to close the achievement gap in schools.


6. Communication:
This committee will be responsible for internal and external communication for the
AGTF. Responsibilities will include: (1) recording minutes at the Task Force monthly
meetings, (2) establishing and maintaining an internet presence for the AGTF (e.g., a
Wiki page or website that connects to the district website, and (3) establishing and
maintaining an online communication medium for the Task Force (e.g.,
Blackboard/Moodle/Google docs). In addition, this committee will be responsible for
strategizing and coordinating the Task Force’s communication plan to the broader
community (including representation in various district committees and groups, such as
the Black Parent Union, District Parent Council, High School Redesign Committee, each
school’s Parent Council).


Proposed Meeting Schedule – AGTF – 2010/11


*10/23/2010 – (Saturday work session from 9 am – 1 pm)









(All meetings Monday from 7-9 pm except the October meeting. The meetings will he
held in the Board Room of the Administrative Offices at 841 Timberlane, Suite A )