Achievement Gap Task Force (AGTF)

Off-of-Ed.-ServicesSeptember 13, 2010

Dear Community Members, Students and Staff,

East Lansing Public School District has established an Achievement Gap Task Force comprised of district personnel, parents, and students. You may know that the establishment of the task force was one of the recommendations offered by Dr. Dorinda Carter Andrews to encourage the district to take action on data that illustrates a clear racial and socioeconomic gap in student achievement in the district.

The task force is chaired by a three-person team and includes 24 other active members. John Brandenburg, one of our ELHS math teachers, and parents Tama Hamilton-Wray and Mel Hernandez are the tri-chairs of the AGTF. Additional members listed below are parents, teachers, district administrators and interested community members.

The committee is charged with developing an action plan for closing the achievement gap in East Lansing Public Schools, with a focus on African American students and low socioeconomic students as a starting place. Meetings are held once a month at the administration offices per the attached meeting schedule. All are welcome to attend. An organizational meeting took place on July 27, 2010.

We are encouraged by the overwhelming response from our community to engage in this important work. While we were unable to have all of those who expressed an interest join the task force, East Lansing Public Schools wants to acknowledge all interested by encouraging participation in committees/working groups that develop through the AGTF. The district values inclusion of diverse perspectives in addressing the achievement gap among our students.

On behalf of our students, thank you for your support and continued interest in our schools.


Clifford Seybert
Dorinda Carter Andrews, Ed.D.